Analytical Quality by Design ICH Q14 - a new ICH Quality Guideline [QS-12E]

The impact of Quality by Design on the analytical work will be discussed. The participants will learn to understand the concepts and support QbD in the analytical laboratory and in manufacturing. As a consequence, a more efficient analytical method development and routine application should support most economic working practices.

ICH has decided to prepare a new guideline on Analytical Quality by Design ICH Q14. The training will define the essential elements of Quality by Design in the Analytical Laboratory to work smarter and more efficient. In case studies, the participants will apply the concepts in practice. The following elements will be discussed:

  • Basic QbD concepts and the QbD process
  • Implementation of QbD in the analytical laboratory
  • Application of Quality Risk Management for the evaluation of methods
  • The role of systematic method development
  • Design of experiments for generation of knowledge and understanding
  • Basic concepts of Knowledge Management and documentation of analytical methods
  • Method transfer requirements

The training consists of lectures, case studies, and intense discussions of results. A script will be distributed to participants.

Depending on the participants, the training can also be given in German, but all written material is delivered in English only.

Termin Eigenschaften

Datum 20.10.2020 09:00 - 20.10.2020 17:00
Einzelpreis Individual members CHF 600.00, Non-members CHF 750.00, Students/PhD Students/retired CHF 320.00
Referent Dr. Fritz Erni, QbD consultant, Dornach, Switzerland
Kurssprache English
DAS-Kurse Olten (Angestellte Schweiz)
Martin Disteli-Strasse 9, 4600 Olten, Schweiz
DAS-Kurse Olten (Angestellte Schweiz), Olten

Location Map

SCS Academy, Swiss Chemical SocietyHaus der Akademien, Laupenstrasse 7, Postfach, 3001 Bern
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