Interpretation of high resolution mass spectra from the browser [SP-11] NEU


This course is focussed on the interpretation of high resolution mass spectra and we will not discuss the different acquisition techniques. It will involve a lot of exercises during which the participants will use various tools that are available on the internet for free and that we have developed like:

Target Group

Users that would like to extract more information from high resolution mass spectra using webbrowser available tools and databases.


During this course the following topics will be discussed:

- high resolution mass spectra, isotopic distribution, mass defect
- determination of molecular formula from high resolution mass spectrum
- peptide and non natural peptide fragmentation / assignment
- polymer analysis
- open database for mass spectra comparison and natural product identification


The class will involve a lot of exercises and participants should bring their own laptop with Google Chrome installed. They should also check that the website works from their laptop.

Termin Eigenschaften

Datum 04.06.2024 09:00 - 04.06.2024 17:00
max. Teilnehmer 15
Einzelpreis Mitglied CHF 600.00, Nichtmitglied CHF 750.00, Studierende/Doktorierende/AHV CHF 320.00
Referent Dr. Luc Patiny, EPFL Lausanne
Kurssprache English
Ort Olten, Olten
750.00 CHF 15

Location Map

SCS Academy, Swiss Chemical SocietyHaus der Akademien, Laupenstrasse 7, Postfach, 3001 Bern
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